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Bonds Foundry

Due to the expansion of the Bonds Foundry Company and the growth in size of their Customer’s components the Company has now invested in an additional new foundry branded as Bonds Castech at the recently purchased Crook site.

This growth has led to the requirement for two new and larger table blasting equipment both at Crook and at the Bonds Foundry North Road Fettling and Finishing Shop in Tow Law.

Many of the components have started to outgrow the present blasting facility a WST 72” Swing Table at North Road hence a requirement for a larger table and similar equipment at Castech who have no blasting facility at the new factory.

The Bonds product range to be blasted are large Valves, Pump & Compressor, Marine, Offshore, Construction and General Engineering high quality steel castings to fit a blasting work envelope of 2.5m diameter by 2.0m high weighing up to 6 tonnes.

Because the type of machines required was outside the standard machine ranges of most manufacturers and these manufacturers were producing outside of the UK Bonds Foundry Group turned to the largest UK manufacturer of standard and special wheel and air blasting machines Straaltechniek for a bespoke solution to their needs

Straaltechniek offered two of their Heavy Duty 3 x 22Kw 2.5m x 2.0m High Work Piece Table Blast Machines with High Performance Long Life Blast Wheels & Dust Extraction Technology incorporated to minimise down time, maintenance and reduce operational costs. Additionally both companies worked closely together to incorporate design changes to improve overall reliability within a heavy duty steel foundry environment.  The machines were then manufactured, assembled and blast tested to the satisfaction of Bonds Foundry in the Straaltechniek Factory in Sheffield and also incorporated readily available primary motors, geared reducers, electrical software all specified by the customer.

After an on time delivery of 16 weeks, the installation and commissioning was undertaken by Straaltechniek Service & Installation Team at Bonds Foundry Group who then enjoyed additional production benefits of dramatically reduced blasting cycle times and much improved surface profile of their products.

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