Straaltechniek UK Provides Peening Upgrades for Melling Performance Springs

Over the past 25 years Performance Springs (now Melling Performance Springs) have proudly established themselves as a leading innovator in the field of high-performance spring technology and bespoke spring manufacturing, with a global reputation for excellence, quality, and reliability.

Recently the team at Melling Performance Springs discussed the potential requirement to increase their capacity for batch peening bespoke manufactured springs which they provide for specialist applications. Not only did they look to increase their capacity but also wanted to see where improvements could be made with the peening process through new technology.

As a valued customer of Straaltechniek UK, who have been providing assistance through servicing and supplying spares on their existing 2 shot peening machines John Featherstone (Business Support Manager, Melling Performance Springs) made contact with James Lees (UK Sales Manager, Straaltechniek UK) to see what options were available for supplying a machine, with upgraded features that would improve the peening process.

After further discussions a site visit was arranged to discuss the options further with Phil Turner (Technical and Product Quality Manager, Melling Performance Springs) and a quotation was provided for a 2nd hand refurbished 85lt capacity rubber belt peening machine to include upgrades including their High Performance Long Life Blast Wheel with inverter to control the peening intensity, Automatic Abrasive Media Replenisher to ensure the correct working mix of abrasive is in the system providing better coverage on the batch of springs being peened as well as an additional door safety interlock.

Melling then asked about the possibility of supplying these same upgrades onto the 2 machines already on site at Melling and a revised quote to include for taking both machines back to Straaltechniek UK’s workshop and adding these key features and after the quotation was reviewed an order was place for the full package offered, which included the initial 2nd hand refurbished machine, as well as the 2 existing peening machines being upgraded as well.

The 1st of the 3 machines on this order is now complete and after successful trials in Straaltechniek UK’s show room in Sheffield, the machine was delivered and installed and is provide the best results Melling have seen and can also reduce their cycle times meaning increased production through this machine. Work on the next machine is now being started and will no doubt provide the same type of results by using the same state of the art technology as the 85ltr machine.

Phil Turner, Technical and Product Quality Manager at Melling Performance Springs said;
Our business is centred around very demanding, high performance, high stress, fatigue critical products. The Shot peening process is an extremely critical process for the company and these types of products.
As a hands on Technical and Quality guy, I’m always looking into ways to improve our process control and new technologies to enable us to refine/improve our processes.
Straaltechniek UK Ltd are a dynamic company that were able to tailor a very specific combination of machine modifications to meet and exceed our expectations.
Using a combination of Alman Arc testing and XRD (Xray diffraction), we have been able to see tangible compressive residual stress benefits from the improved Kinematics that the direct drive, curved bladed, GN blast Wheel induces during the peening cycle.
The auto replenishment system adds an extra level of process control to the machine.  The CCW (conditioned cut wire) mix and throughput is more consistent, giving improved batch peening consistency/repeatability.

Crispian Knight, Managing Director at Melling Performance Springs said:
“The new blast wheel intensity delivers improved performance, which in turn improves product quality and the cycle time reduction reduces energy costs, all around a great new investment for the company”

James Lees, UK Sales Manager at Straaltechniek UK said;

“This has been a very exciting project to be involved in and with the successful install of the 1st machine and seeing the high level results it is achieving is fantastic and I am looking forward to the next 2 machines being upgraded also. It has been a pleasure dealing with Melling on this project and the future relationship between the 2 companies looks very bright”

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