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Straaltechniek UK a leading manufacturer of Surface Preparation Machinery

Written 18th August 2019

Straaltechniek UK a leading manufacturer of Surface Preparation Machinery have announced record equipment orders of over £2.0 million since September 2017.

Sales Director Jay Dorling  commented that ‘The flexibility of the products and service range we offer means we can operate in wide range of industries who require Automatic Shot Blasting, Shot Peening and De-greasing Equipment for their own processes and products. We can also offer Equipment Modernisation Programs on older equipment if new investment is not available as well as Spare Parts, Specialist Service Contracts, 24 Hour Emergency Response and general routine maintenance of our customer’s existing equipment.

Andy Allen Managing Director went on to say ‘The continued success we are enjoying has not been down to just luck but is testament to the hard work, experience and skills of the Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing & Service teams we have at Straaltechniek UK and in our industry, post Brexit, this success is a massive vote of confidence not only in us, but the local economy in general and particularly the heavy engineering, aerospace and manufacturing sector we operate in’.

Straaltechniek UK Ltd has become one of only a handful of organisations in the Sheffield City Region that has been granted ISO 9001 2015 Quality Standard Certification.

Although Companies with the 9001 2008 accreditation had until September 2018 to implement the new 9001 2015 standard, Andy Allen (MD of Straaltechniek) said ”we didn’t want to wait that long. For me, if there is a new quality level out there that enables us to run our business more effectively and give our customers increased confidence, then why would we want to wait to improve our standards? I spoke to our quality consultant about time frames involved and we decided that we would make the transition to the new system and launch it on 1st December 2016. Through a lot of hard work and interaction with all department managers, this was achieved. We started to gather evidence and after carrying out several management review meetings and some internal audits we put in for an external audit from TUV. I’m pleased to say after 2 days of internal auditing of all our systems and documented processes and procedures we were awarded the new standard.”

ISO 9001 is the International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Straaltechniek uses the standard to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.