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Straaltechniek is official distributor of compressed air treatment systems for Parker Hiross.

Parker Hiross

Parker Hiross is specialised in cooling, purification and separating techniques and designs products for compressed air treatment and cooling equipment for a large number of important sectors. There is a significant focus here on integrating systems, energy saving and reducing costs. The core of the company was set up as early as 1918 and now has turnover of several billions in a global sales market.

With a philosophy of distinguishing itself from the masses and continuous improvement, the company sees in Straaltechniek an excellent partner for the distribution of its products.

Air cooled aftercooler

A cost-effective solution for the easy removal of water vapour and cooling compressed air. Suitable for numerous industrial applications.

Water cooled aftercooler

Low maintenance costs, a better working of the system and a better quality of the product thanks to this effective aftercooler.

Filters and filtre elements

These types of filters are specially designed to prevent unwanted effects in compressed air such as dirt, oil and damp. Suitable for all applications.

Condensate drains

This essential component of every compressed air system efficiently removes condensates and impurities in compressed air.

Refrigerant dryers

The advanced refrigeration technology in this air dryer provides a reliable dew point check and the lowest pressure drop.


Extremely reliable and safe chiller for use in the most divers of circumstances. Plenty of accessories and options possible.

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