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At a time when soaring energy costs are starting to bite hard into businesses large and small Straaltechniek UK a leading manufacturer of Shot Blast & Shot Peening   Equipment are demonstrating throughout Europe and beyond as part of their Equipment Modernisation Program ways customers can save 25% on the energy required to achieve the same production output.

With the introduction of the High Performance Long Life GN Blasting Wheel Technology Straaltechniek incorporated the beneficial principle of forward curved blades into its revolutionary blast wheel and blade support concept. By design, collision speeds of the abrasive are reduced at the entrance to the blast wheel leading to decreased wear of both blades and abrasive.

With the unique shot/grit projection angle, the GN WHEEL® allows the projection speed of the abrasive to increase by 25 %, leading to a significant decrease (10-25%) in abrasive usage compared to wheels equipped with radial blades. The efficiency of the GN WHEEL® is up to 70% higher than traditional shot blasting wheels. The GN WHEEL® is available in diameters between 300 and 500mm and can be fitted to turbines of all current and obsolete manufacturers machines. By retrofitting existing machines with the new GN wheel gives customers enormous advantages!

Jay Dorling Sales Director at Straaltechniek commented ‘more and more of our customers are looking at ways to reduce their energy bills and because the revolutionary GN BLAST WHEEL® delivers the abrasive 25% faster than conventional blast wheels there is a two way benefit. If a customers process has no requirement for quicker blast cycle times then the GN wheel can utilise 25% less energy to achieve the same result alternatively if the customer can blast their production quota 25% quicker using the same energy reducing bottlenecks in their production there is a win/win either way with a 25% energy saving to be enjoyed. All this with less maintenance, longer lasting consumable parts, 10-25% less abrasive used and significant noise reduction from this advanced dynamically balanced blast wheel it is any wonder we have been inundated with requests to demonstrate this technology’


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