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Transport and recovery systems

From a stand-alone unit to a fully integrated system: for every situation we offer the appropriate transport method.

Solutions in blasting media transport systems

A transport system is an essential component of a total blasting media recycling system. Straaltechniek supplies different solutions, varying from horizontal and vertical transport to systems with integrated dust extraction.

Elevator-seperator-silo combination

Vertical transport by means of an elevator with integrated cleaner. Available in small and large sizes, depending on the capacity required.

Horizontal transport

Screw transporter for horizontal transport of your blasting media with overload protection. Specially designed supporting structure with relatively small foundation depth.


A combination of the transport system and dust extraction forms the Ventifloor system. The blasting media, dirt and dust are extracted via the cabinet floor and separated by a cyclone separator.

Scraper transort PLS / HLS

Blasting media is transported by means of special scraper blades to a cross conveyor belt or elevator. A pneumatic cylinder provides the drive.