From a nozzle to a multimillion project

From a standard nozzle to the most innovative high-end installation: you can contact us for a complete blasting system.

Total supplier in blasting technology

Straaltechniek UK supplies a complete programme of blasting, painting, compressed air and metallisation equipment with accessories. You can also contact us for a complete range of blasting media. With more than three decades of experience in these applications, we are your right address!

Wheel Blasting

Straaltechniek designs, develops and builds complete high-end wheel blasting machines and delivers these on a turnkey basis.

Shot Peening

Shot peening is the proven solution for metal fatigue.

Blast Cabinets

Compact and strong: Straaltechniek blast cabinets combine the most modern technology in a convenient machine.

Blast Rooms and Halls

Straaltechniek designs, develops and builds fully equipped blast halls and delivers these on a turnkey basis.

Blast Pots

Straaltechniek supplies blast pots for both dry, wet and dust-free blasting, including all accessories such as nozzles, blast hoses and attachments.

Dust Collectors

For de-dusting during the blasting process we offer you the choice of a mechanical or compressed air cleaned de-dusting system.

Transport and Recovery Systems

From a stand-alone unit to a fully integrated system: for every situation we offer the appropriate transport method.

Suction Units

Our blasting media vacuum systems have been designed for transporting large quantities of blasting media from for instance tank bottoms and/or ship sections.


We offer a complete range of abrasives and peening media.


In closed spaces, such as a blast hall, the air humidity is usually too high for working certain humidity-sensitive products.

Metallisation Equipment

Metal spraying is a proven anticorrosion treatment which, when combined with blasting as a pre-treatment, leads to a highly durable construction.

Compressed air treatment

For the best quality compressed air: as official distributor for Parker Hiross, you can contact us for all compressed air treatment systems of this renowned company.


From blast helmets and protective suits to protective goggles and ear mufflers. For every job the right accessories for a safe and healthy working environment.

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