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Revolution in blast halls

Experience the unique concept of our Combi-halls and conditioned blast rooms.

Blast halls delivered on a turnkey basis

Straaltechniek UK designs, develops and builds fully equipped blast halls and delivers these on a turnkey basis. The layout is fully tailored to all requirements of the customer. Thanks to the optimal coordination of the separate systems, our blast halls provide an exceptionally high degree of efficiency.

There are unlimited possibilities: from a blast room in your factory to an enormous blast hall in a shipyard. We also offer mobile solutions for one-off jobs

Combi hall

One-stop shop for blasting, cleaning, painting and drying ship sections. Also for anti-corrosion treatment of undersea pipelines for the offshore industry.

Engineered blast rooms

Fully equipped blast rooms for different applications. Including a blasting media recycling system with high-grade conditioning for the best result.

Containerised blast rooms

For the temporary expansion of production capacity or for working on site, we deliver fully equipped blasting containers.