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Drive Safely

Fuel efficient, lighter, stronger is the challenge that the automotive industry must face up to. As a partner in business we set very high standards when creating the best solution.

Surface treatment in the automotive industry

In an industry where technical developments follow each other in rapid succession, there is a need for a partner that gives advice when designing solutions. For more than 30 years, Straaltechniek has been implementing innovations in surface treatment for the automotive industry. A world in which the tension between quality and costs dominates the day.

Customised installations

Over the past few decades Straaltechniek has designed numerous high-end blasting and shot peening machines for treating automotive parts such as leaf and coil springs, axles, engine housings, and other engine components.  Our R&D department set very high standards when creating the best solution.

Standard solutions

We have a standard installation for the shot peening of stabiliser bars. With our fully automated installation, you can treat as many as six bars at once!

Manual blasting

Our fully equipped and optimised blasting cabinets are suitable for a large variety of loose parts. We have various types of blasting cabinets for smaller parts.

Extend Lifespan

Prolonging working life by a factor of 5 up to 100 by means of shot peening is no exception.

1 Million Gears

Over a million gears have been shot peened by a Straaltechniek shot peen installation.

Quality Standards

ISO certified and member of a number of branch organisations.

A range of related products

Underneath you’ll find a selection of related products to the energy industry. For our complete delivery program, you can visit the equipment pages or contact us directly.