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For a better life

Knee, hip and shoulder joints made more durable and stronger. This is the Straaltechniek contribution to a better life.

Shot peening and high-end blasting in the medical industry

The completion of orthopaedic implants is a very precise process. They must be sterile to prevent the risk of rejection, extremely smooth to give the user optimal movement and they have to last as long as possible too. Straaltechniek creates the possibilities to meet such challenges.

Shot peening

Shot peening is used to make medical implants stronger and more durable. Straaltechniek designs, develops and builds complete shot peening installations for the medical sector and supplies these on a turnkey basis. In a world like this, where precision has the highest priority, our fully automated and robotic solutions offer the best guarantee for the highest quality.

High-end blasting

Implants are supplied with a coating in order to obtain an extremely smooth finish. Prior to this process, they are given a blasting treatment. For this we also offer smart solutions, which have been specially developed for these kinds of fragile objects. Our innovations also deliver an exceptionally high yield.

We always create the above solution in close cooperation with the client. Each and every one of those clients is a leading manufacturer that operates in a global sales market.

Extend Lifespan

Prolonging working life by a factor of 5 up to 100 by means of shot peening is no exception.

Quality Standards

ISO certified and member of a number of branch organisations.

A range of related products

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