The Industries we serve

The innovations of Straaltechniek form a crucial step in the manufacturing processes of our customers worldwide.

Aerospace Industry

Turnkey shot peening installations for treating crucial aeroplane components in order to prevent metal fatigue.

Marine Industry

The ‘one-stop shop’ for the surface treatment of ships and heavy structural parts in our revolutionary Combi Hall.

Automotive Industry

Make car components faster, stronger or lighter using the standard or customised solutions of Straaltechniek International.

Offshore, oil and gas industry

Optimum protection of components for offshore drilling units, wind turbines and underwater pipelines against seawater.

Foundry and Forging

High Performance Long Life Blast Wheels, producing a highly efficient wheel blasting turbine with a service life that no other machine in the world can beat.

Rail Industry

We offer the solution for extending the working life of rail and train components as well as cleaning train carriages.

Energy Industry

From wind and gas turbines to underwater pipelines. It is a very wide playing field, just as our solutions are.

Construction and Landscape Industry

We offer the solutions for a wide range of surface preparation of construction and landscaping products.

Medical Industry

The patient’s welfare is paramount. Straaltechniek processors and equipment make medical implants and artificial joints stronger and more durable.

General Industry

The right equipment for each job. Standard equipment in the field of blasting, paint spraying, metalizing.

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