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Do you want the best results? Then choose from the extensive range of accessories of Straaltechniek.

Accessories in blasting technology: indispensable for the best result

The right nozzle, coupling or blasting hose: small attributes which are of the utmost importance for the success of your project. But don’t lose sight of your personal protection! For all these matters we offer an extensive range of accessories.

Personal protection

Clothing, helmets, gloves and many other aids which can assist you to execute your blasting activities as properly and comfortably as possible.

Blasting and air hoses

High-grade blasting and air hoses in different diameters. Our blasting hoses are suitable for several types of blasting media.


Various types of couplings for the different blasting and air hoses.


A large range of special nozzles. From hard metal to boron carbide and from screw connection to hose connection. Available in various lengths and models.

Nozzle holders

Naturally we supply an accompanying aluminium or plastic holder for our extensive range of nozzles.

Pipe blasting units

Blasting units for the internal blasting of pipes. We have solutions available for different pipe diameters.